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Visit all the beauty of Italy … in one day? At in miniature Italy you can!

Born from the idea Ivo Rambaldi in 1970, the Park, which featured at the opening 50 miniatures, it was something spectacular.

The miniatures, up to 273 to date, are made of resin foam, and reproduce the monuments 1:25 or 1:50. The course is surrounded by many bonsai and lots of attractions. Among the most famous Venice, Pinocchio, Little Prehistoric Valley and the park of Science.

Moving from English Cathedral of St. Paul to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, you can stop to eat at Pizzeria Catering-Monte Rosa or a coffee at the Kiosk San Marco. Of course there are souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs … and then there’s Emme, the little frog mascot of the Park.

Given its characteristics, combine fun and education at the same time, makes Italy in miniature object of many offers Rimini for schools and groups, but of course the park is also ideal for families and visitors of all ages.

From the Campanile of San Marco, the Grand Canal … Tower of Pisa, St. Peter’s Square …. there are just all the magnificent monuments Italian, and now also European ones.

Missing only reproductions of beautiful hotels Rimini where to sleep after a day so full of thrill and enjoyment to Italy in Miniature!

P.S. And rest well, because the next day … the entrance is free!

The attractions of the theme park Miniature Italy in Rimini:

Science Luna Park

Fantastic and educational pavilion which offers the opportunity to engage in physical experiments and to better understand the world of science, accompanied by Prof. Von Kaos and Otto, his sympathetic assistant. There is a beautiful exhibition all to “learn” and comic books to buy.

Miniature Venice

The beautiful and romantic Venice .. with the Grand Canal … Piazza San Marco .. the Rialto Bridge and all its famous wonders, within reach of adults and children, who finally walk without getting tired because the whole city is just in 6424 m! Of course it is the Casanova to tell the story and curiosity about his city.

Piazza Italia

It is to laugh here in Piazza Italia, amazing things happen!
The Count Dini, Robertino and Gina animatronics involve the audience who finds himself unexpectedly stand for and accomplice of jokes and pranks, to die laughing! Children try to ring the bells … and see what happens …


Here a toy car is waiting to take you to retrace the story of Pinocchio … which of course you all know. But have you ever seen up close Pinocchio, the Cat and the Fox, the beautiful Blue Fairy or the huge whale? And then Jiminy Cricket and the ugly fire eater … there are just all!


As in any respecting park at Italy in Miniature could not be missing a roller coaster, but this is actually a beautiful one, in canoes along a path … almost rafting with gliding down the final descent down into the water … where you get wet a little … just to cool off on hot days here in Rimini

Small Prehistoric Valley

If you are interested in exploring the world of prehistory, this is the place! Huge plants, ferns, mountains and forests … just the real habitat of the dinosaurs. And there are also them! Including of course the T-Rex roars … but … that is not dangerous … educational and fun for everyone.


The whole of Italy from the top edge of the Rainbow Monorail! Enjoy a magnificent view on all our wonders and landscapes, introduced by a voice guide, which are really varied: mountains, sea, bays and hills … Mount Etna, the Coliseum … all viewed from 6 meters high on the first electric monorail introduced in Europe.

Lookout Tower

And even higher up you go with the hot air balloons! Still so much nice view on a magnificent carousel made ​​entirely of colorful hot air balloons that move together and then again on themselves, at a height of 10 meters. The kids will have a blast there!

Sling Shot

For lovers of the emotions, the real ones, the Sling Shot is a crazy fun. You can find it only in Italy in miniature, is a big slingshot with one capsule (properly closed and secured) that is literally rocketed into the air at a height of 55 meters in 1.2 seconds! Maximum 2 people at a time, between 14 and 55 years old. Mythical!

Pala PlayStation 3

In the era of PS could not be missing attraction dedicated!
Try all the demostation, there are ten, and challenge friends in contests and tournaments! On weekends, we are giving away 3 PSP, PSP Go and PlayStation 3 for the winners. Start training!

Interactive Driving School

Road safety education and ecology are the themes of this attraction. Aided by MACCHINGEGNO, children from 6 to 12 years will be able to board of nice cars and learning how to drive and behave properly on the road. The cars speak .. and in Romagna dialect! At the end of the mini-course will be, as is proper, issued a special license with photos and score. The attraction is powered by a photovoltaic system and a wind turbine.


Medieval atmosphere in Rimini, in the fortress of Castel Sismondo, which by the way is the symbol of the city, you roll bombs and fire with the guns … but they are water! who will win …? The Montefeltro or Malatesta? Let yourself be taken by the spirit of the game, is fun!