Le Navi Park - Aquarium of Cattolica

Phone +39 0541 8371

Piazza delle Nazioni, 1/a
47841 Cattolica (RN)

The sea and its inhabitants is the theme of “Parco Le Navi”, the Aquarium of Cattolica so called because the buildings and locations reminiscent of a fleet of ships sailing on many adventures in this fantastic world.

Take advantage of last minute Cattolica to steal even a single weekend to everything else and come to see sharks, moray eels, sea turtles, piranhas and small “Nemo”. 400 species of fish to admire and not only … in the park Le Navi you can even interact with them!

Stroking races, be courageous “face to face” with the huge bull sharks, witness the feeding and visit the new nursery of sea turtles, where young turtles are housed and cared before returning in open waters.

Accompanied by amazing sound effects and multimedia, you can follow the paths and observe the tanks that recreate the environments of all the seas … as you’ll probably never get to see in nature.

Wonderful, among others, the multi-sensory journey, suitable for all, with pirates and celebrities who have made the history of the legendary achievements of the seas.

Within the area, which has a total of more than 100 display tanks are then organized shows and exhibitions, and to bring home a souvenir of this unforgettable holiday at the Park Le Navi Cattolica, at the gift shop you can buy educational souvenirs.