Mirabilandia - Fun Park Ravenna

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Strada Statale 16 Adriatica km, 162
48125 Savio RA

The biggest amusement park in Europe that could not be not be anywhere else that in the Riviera of the Parks, to complete the touristic offer of Ravenna.

An explosion of fun, music and dancing from April to October throughout the day and from July to September also “by night” until 23.00.

Ferris Wheel, highspeed, dizzying roller coasters and water slides, as well as swimming pools, deck chairs and lounging areas to really satisfy all your needs.

Suitable for young people and families, the park has been active since 1992 as an amusement park, and since 2004 has been added to the section on water games, Mirabilandia Beach.

There is a paradise for children, Bambinopoli, the path with the monorail cars and Mirabilandia Express. Many shows are organized every day in Mirabilandia … and the animation never fails to surprise and entertain all visitors every day.

The park is also surrounded by green lawns and colorful gardens, with flowers of all species, palm trees, ponds with water lilies and of course lots of animals and birds that find their natural habitat in Mirabilandia.

To enjoy Mirabilandia calmly, you can take advantage of the multitude of offers and agreements with Hotel Ravenna, and visit the park two days in a row for free.

Calendar and Opening of Mirabilandia:

The Park is open daily from 1 April to 13 September, then weekends (Saturday and Sunday) until 31 October and 1 November. Opening: The park is open from 10.00 to 18.00 (Oct. 31, Halloween night, open until 22.00), from July 1 to September 5, the park is also open in the evening until 23.00.

From 2010: HALLOWEEN FUN! Experience all the fun of Halloween in Wonderland, every weekend in October and November 1st! (Time: From 10.00 to 18.00. On October 31, open until 22.00).

Mirabilandia Beach: Mirabilandia Beach is open daily from June 12 to September 5. Time: from 11.00 to 18.00.

The attractions of Mirabilandia amusement park in Ravenna:


It looks like a gingerbread house, almost to eat, Fantasyland, instead it is a maze of passages and tunnels, where you can play hide and seek and find all the little wonders that are inside and outside. Ducks, mice and other feathered friends will keep you company, and the small yellow and red train will take a sightseeing tour in the garden.

Santa Fè Express

is the colorful and cute little train that leads to walk the children, but also the older ones, through the park, to see the sights and take a ride in the open. On the locomotive there is so much of bells and a small rooster with open wings.


Ottoland is really only for kids … the parents can rest while they jump, play and glide through colorful balls and inflatable …. great fun! There are pirates, and a large green lawn with flowers and ladybugs drawn on the games.


This train travels fast between humps and bumps, to enjoy at your leisure, taking a bit of fresh air.

Mini rapide

To entertain even the youngest children, there are slides on tree trunks, a short but wet path all sketches and fountains, which reaches a maximum height of about 2 meters. Small curves … and of course final glide!


Upon arrival of the path of the monorail all set in the world of the dinosaurs you will see people get off shuttles shaped dinosaur egg, and is projected a movie on these ancient inhabitants of the earth. Quiet for the whole family.

Family Adventure

By the mine train “at full speed” on the path of the roller coaster between ups and downs and stunning curves! Emotion and laughter for the whole family! The route is fairly short … but you will see that the kids will want to do it again many, many times!

Leprotto express

Classic roller coaster, flying over and hurtling through the garden of Hare, who leads the first wagon leads children to discover eggplant, salad, and, of course, the inevitable carrots. After the tour, if you want you can pick up a picture of fun adventure!

Flying Arturo

Accompanied by Arturo the kangaroo, which is one of the mascots of Wonderland, the little ones can have fun going up and down in the air, safe seats in the small two-seater.

Friendly Whale

The classic Tower, but in a version for kids, with a friendly whale on the top, waiting for the arrival of the wooden boats to 4 or 6 people that come up on … and then all of a sudden be thrown down, to get back up again and repeat all the fun … but above all the suspense, at 15 meters in height!

The crazy house

Just naughty this house, which is the teasing children! Once inside, the house is raised and shows the children the view of Mirabilandia and Bambinopoli, then unleashes a terrifying cataclysm in the midst of sounds, lights and smoke that make the atmosphere … terrible …

Breakfast at ducks

For the little ones, the classic cups that run, with the ducks that welcome children in their comfortable seats, making them fun in complete safety and peace of mind. Children can go it alone, from 90 cm up, or with mom and dad.


After about 70 years in the dark tunnels and passages, it’s back to the light and you will discover the remains of New York City, devastated by a catastrophe … there are more targets to shoot at … signs contaminated .. and a means of transport to be used for the mission … hilarious!


We are in Polynesia, there is so much greenery and a huge volcano erupting continuously. The game takes place aboard small boats, and it is a kind of fight through water cannon against the totems, various targets that move and the other boats. Hilarious … and rather … wet!

Haunted pots

They look like those big pots of indigenous vessels on which you have to climb … and you’ll be wildly mixed and stirred completely losing “the bush”. For the less adventurous there is the steering wheel, which can adjust the speed of rotation. Eventually you will be … cooked to perfection .. hahaha!


The beautiful Mayan city of Sian Ka’an view from the roller coaster. Enjoy and relax (but not too much) doing upside down, steep descents twists and turns well anchored on the comfortable carriages of the mine. This attraction is suitable for everyone.


If you fancy a bath .. try Niagara! The name says it all … you know already in the water, splashing and fun … you jump 27 meters for up to 70 km per hour speed .. hilarious … like the final plunge of the boat in the pool of arrival! Who does not want to get wet can buy a waterproof shelter from the sketches.

Mirabilandia express

All aboard! The Mirabilandia Express to accompany you on the tour of the park! The train departs approximately every 10 minutes, with its beautiful carriages, and the train that sits high up in perfect style 800. You can really see up close all the attractions, and choose what will be your next destination.


Attraction indoors, is set in so-called ghost town western U.S. … moments of terror … scare you and you will stick tightly to mine carts on board of which go around the city …. annoying old residents now dead very bothered by your passing .. brrrr .. scary!


Circuit with double eight this familiar game that takes you to discover the world of explorers. We perform two full turns on the carousel, including canyons, caves and caverns, high speed in the footsteps of Indiana Jones! The setting is recreated in a manner faithful … just not to be missed!


High tower, with small vehicles placed on bony arms that stretch … more and more … and then lean to a dizzying fall effect! Funny among other things because you can interact via the control lever, beautiful setting, between the green and various bones hahaha …!

Rio bravo

Another adventurous environment for Rio Bravo, with extreme rapids all to explore and laugh with friends on colorful dinghies to 9 seats. Canyon, waves, splashes and cascades make the roads impassable and … alas … wet … wet a lot!


Fit right at all, this attraction, colorful and quiet will be the delight of children, parents looking for a bit of rest and even grandparents, who love watching the panorama from the beautiful hot air balloons. In all there are twelve, they get up and then move swinging from one side, and turning at the same time all together. Relaxing and charming!

24 hours in Mirabilandia

The boys will love this park attraction .. sports cars, engines roar … and away! Who will win the race? The setting is well recreated, with service stations, stalls and everything you need to make you seem to run the 24 Hours Le Mans!


You can see very far away from the magnificent Eurowheel, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. Beautiful and charming, it day and night, is the symbol of the park. Since its respectable height of 90 meters can be seen throughout the park, and on clear days up to San Marino!


Beautiful and original, this attraction will entertain you a lot, aboard luxurious Cadillac descend along the river passing through a car wash (with an efficient drying), then for boatyards and dangerous tunnel and then down down in a second car wash … You will run out of breath!

Blu river

You can double your fun with your friends here on the Blue River, where you climb in pairs on rafts, and then descend down the slides all waves faster and faster until the final landing. Upon arrival … smiling faces and electrified!


Just a few numbers to imagine the fun of Ispeed: 90 ° slope – Launch Magnetic – Acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour in 2.2 seconds. Red rails welcome the sporty race car that takes you on a hilarious adventure through curves and straights fear steep!


Terrifying Tower, very high, on which you board the shuttles that are then hurled down with a strong acceleration power! The so-called negative acceleration G will keep you in suspense until the end … waoooo!


The Twin Towers are a must try … a shiver of fear when you climb on “shuttles” to sixteen places that will come on top of the tower, to sixty meters high but you will feel the adrenaline when suddenly the towers will fall quickly down to the ground and then goes back up top for a new, exciting final descent.


It ‘s the first Inverted Coaster in Europe, the Katun Mirabilandia set in the Mayan city of Sian Ka’an. Slopes, loop, helices and turns never felt before will make you scream and shiver with fear … reaching more than 100 km per hour speed! Fantastic screwing in the absence of gravity and very refreshing, inside the tunnel, the water is sprayed from the spray. Try it … it is unforgettable!