Theme Park Oltremare Riccione

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Via Ascoli Piceno, 6
47838 Riccione (Rn)

Nature and Technology … is this what you’ll find at Park Oltremare, the sea and its inhabitants seen under an incredible new light.

Opened in 2004, this major project is growing, and each year brings tourism to the hotels of Riccione from April to September.

Entering Oltremare you will spend an exciting day among the dolphin shows, the flight of raptors, Fattoria magical and, at the nearby IMAX cinema, a beautiful 3D projection.

Water games, swimming pools, brand new interactive tanks and very large aquariums will allow you to enjoy admiring the beauty of the marine world. Exciting area that recreates the prehistoric Cretaceous period, and interesting is the area that reproduces the Po Delta, with animals and plants that inhabit it.

But if you love the adrenaline you can not miss the new 3D Imax film “Wild Ocean” you will discover the mysteries of nature, as you have never seen.

The real star of Oltremare is Ulysses, the dolphin, with its island which reproduces a rocky cove of the Adriatic Sea. With their fantastic evolutions, Ulysses and his companions literally conquer the hearts of children and adults, giving them an unforgettable experience.

After the trip to Riccione you can buy shark teeth, prehistoric animals, but even a simple t-shirt Oltremare at the many themed shops, and of course you can enjoy local specialties and snacks in the bars, kiosks and restaurants.

Below are the main attractions of the park Oltremare in Riccione:

Adventure island

Battles shots of water cannons, islets on which venture, ladders and wobbly suspension bridges … there’s just a lot of fun Adventure island! Super fun for the whole family, but of course especially for children, who can have fun splashing around, hiding and playing on the sand islands.

Dolphin Lagoon

The dolphins are always fascinating and funny, and here you can admire them in their evolution in a magnificent environment, which is the reconstruction of a rocky Adriatic. You meet Ulysses and Mary G., a puppy of Risso’s dolphin, a whale of the dolphin family.

Mill of the Owl

At Oltremare there is also a mill, inhabited by birds of prey such as eagles, vultures, hawks and owls. You can see them in flight and “exercises” led by falconers, to learn about these beautiful birds and see their flying techniques and hunting.

Planet Earth

Wonders of science seen through modern techniques and spectacular scenery .. the origin of the earth starting with the famous Big Bang, from dinosaurs … volcanic eruptions and the fabulous ice age. A great path to follow, fun and educational at the same time.


Unique in the world is this show on seahorses, these small inhabitants of the sea nice and here present in some forms and colors very rare. There are also sea dragons and small fishes in August You can admire the life and habitats and visit the workshop where you study their breeding and rearing of phytoplankton which Hippocampus are greedy.

Sea planet

Very large aquariums and interactive tanks to know the largest inhabitants of the deep sea … sharks, whales, tuna and fin whales live in Oltremare just like in the Adriatic Sea. Wonderful recreated the locations to conduct Oltremare visitors in an educational journey into the abyss blue.

The farm

At Oltremare could not miss a farm. In this courtyard is a great deal of laughs among the geese, goats and chickens are also organized magic shows and musicals such as “Wedding on the farm.”


Huge dinosaurs, cockroaches in size XXL and reproductions of the Cretaceous era forests are located in the dome of Darwin, a marvel of science to deepen the understanding of the evolution of species. The children will be amazed in front of these giants!


3D cinema to park overseas, great effects! Feel the adrenaline rush when you feel that the T-Rex is chasing you and the shark with its huge jaws seem to pierce the screen and come out, something never seen before, exciting and wonderful experience, made ​​possible by the latest technology. The film Wild Ocean and The Return of the T-Rex are scheduled to Imax here … do not miss it!


Animals and nature of the Po River Delta are in this interesting area dedicated to the subject, to pay homage to the area where it is located Oltremare. Storks, herons, and fish ponds, swans and geese live peacefully and undisturbed in the park. Really nice and informative for the whole family!