Thermal Centre Wellness Park Perle D'Acqua Riccione

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Viale Torino, 4
47838 Riccione RN

Directly on the beach, the park of Riccione Spa is a true marvel for the whole family.

Its sulphurous waters rich in magnesium and many other beneficial elements for the body, flow in the four thermal pools, and are only a part of all that the park offers.

Children Hotel Riccione offer many conventions and discounts to enable even the youngest children to relax and enjoy the spa, benefiting from the valuable properties of the waters.

Among the various routes, the Grottino Veneziano, Grottino Pompeiano then the benefits of revitalizing hydropaths.

In addition to all the offers of Riccione regarding treatments, always in step with the most modern techniques, the Park Spa has a range of dining bar and restaurant, children’s play areas and lots of green.

The park, named for a reason “Freshwater Pearls” offers a thousand possibilities …one more inviting than the other, from the vibrant aqua to the rhythm of music, lazy pampered by the waves of the relaxing swimming pool with jacuzzi. Then there is a computer that allows us to discover the personal biorhythm, and vats and pathways to stimulate the senses.

All this in the beautiful setting of the Wellness Park water pearls, well-kept, with flowers and plants that inspire relaxation with their colors and scents … and then of course there is the beach, where we organize events and games from morning to night, to have fun and relax even under the starry sky of Romagna.

There is also a conference room that, given the context, it will make good any business meeting, and excellent restaurants where you continue to delight our body with the excellent specialties prepared by chefs of experience.