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Of all the parks on the Adriatic coast, the first to be very successful was Aquafan.

Since its opening in 1987, the popularity of the park has steadily increased and with it the business promotions, last minute offers Riccione and the continuous innovations have generated an exponential growth of Aquafan.

Slides and always new, modern and suitable for everyone. Aquafan a myth for fun and water games.

While the little ones can have fun at the swimming pool of elephant or baby Antarctic Beach. Who wants to experience the thrill of the descent can venture on Kamikaze or on the new Speedriul. The Wave pool and Slow River provide a bit of well-deserved relaxation … after all the adventures and emotions.

Animation, the inevitable “Radio Deejay” and the many events organized throughout the summer make Aquafan unforgettable from June to September, whichever is the period when you stay at Hotel Riccione.

Aquafan is also open at night during the summer months, and are organized shows and events even at the popular disco Walky Cup.


This is the most majestic, the most amusing, the most adrenaline-pumping water slide in the history of the park.
Thanks to this slide the fun quadruples, as it descends in four at a time on an inflatable boat. With StrizzaCOOL you have the chance to try two different paths: come on top of the tower, 25 meters high, you can choose between the path adrenaline, or tobogas 150 meters long, with a descent of 250 meters in a curve with rafting effect.

Rapid river

On comfortable boats, descend rapidly down down 200 meters from one tank to another with clashes and intersections …. fun and relaxation assured!


Here it seems like you are in an exotic beach … lagoons for a total of 1000 square meters, with ponds, small waterfalls … relaxing atmosphere and fun at the same time thanks to the music and animation. You can swim like fish and enjoy the sun with friends. VIPs who come to Aquafan can be found here!


Who has not ever tried makes a face a bit worried … but it’s really exciting Twist! It is also the only one in Italy with 3 tracks that cross each other. Go through the tunnel at 60 miles per hour and at the end … relax!

Foam party

The legendary foam party is always fantastic! People can dance and is covered with soft, white foam in the company of animation of the park. The kids love it, it does so much summer … and fashion!

Wave pool

A classic of the water parks, the wave pool always amuses everyone, creating an atmosphere so carefree and “holiday” at whatever pace come the long-awaited waves. A wonder for young and old all guests of Aquafan!

Surfing hill

6 surfers at a time in an inflatable boat down on the soft slide … jokingly watered from sprinkling of coca-cola. Watch out! The boats run on themselves … will make your head spin!

Pool of elephant

Younger children will have fun safely with this elephant! An entire pool with water at a maximum height of 50 cm, various slides and a fun bridge to cross. Of course the elephant sprays water from the trunk!

Cartoon network beach

In collaboration with the famous TV channel Cartoon Network this dream beach for children starring Noah’s ark with all his animals, and cartoon characters. There are 4 slides and a beautiful swimming pool, games and entertainment, dancing and music.

High slides

Viewed from above are a real vortex, seem a huge coiled snake, the 3 mega high slides that wind down from the tower carrier. Turn and cross each other … for a dazzling effect!

River run

Water Slide by boat along the river run, 200 meters of foam and splashes to get down to the final plunge. Hilariously funny!


If you know you know Aquafan Kamikaze, one of the most famous attractions, symbolizing the park. Very high speed for a thrilling descent along the slide 90 meters long. Really cool! It is one of the favorite attractions of celebrities!

Lazy river

Between emotion and the other relax a bit on the lazy river … it serves to regain energy and have a chat with friends, leaving gently lulled by comfort on rafts … enjoy the sun in peace.

Extreme river

One of the attractions beloved of celebrities is this, and is also the fastest slide: over 70 km per hour! 16 feet screaming, clinging firmly to the rafts with one or two places … and away! Extreme river comes from California and in Europe can be found only at Aquafan.


Looking at it from above it looks like a roulette instead is a tube slide, closed, which then flows into a funnel, and then goes back into an other tube … emotions not to end up in more than 21 meters high, with a slope of 38% and maximum speed over 70 mph!

Antartic baby beach

Did you know that the south pole is hot? And you sweat? But nooo … this just happens at Antartic beach Aquafan! There is a great white bear, and slides that look like ice, two mini slides and a swimming pool for children. Around there are chairs and umbrellas for relaxation.a

Area N.EX.T

“New trends experiential” is the curious name of this area … which leaves imagine what it is. News from the world of electronics, IpodFan where you find everything all about the world of the iPod. You can play Magic in tournament or buy and read Manga comics at the Point, and even play the Xbox.