Easter in Riccione : packages and special offers for your weekend on the Adriatic

Are you planning to spend the Easter weekend at the seaside? Riccione is the ideal destination that offers the typical local hospitality of Romagna in addition to events and many ideas for your stay.

Riccione gives you the opportunity to spend a weekend at the seaside in full relax; you can also let loose in the discos and have fun attending the various sporting events that will follow one another on the beach. You can spend the Easter weekend in Riccione in many different ways by staying in one of its hotels.

We are sorry but at the moment there are no corresponding offers in this location. Why not take a look at other special offers in the Adriatic Coast ?

April is synonym with spring, meadows and trees in bloom, first walks on the beach and first suntan taken behind the bathing huts, to avoid the wind, but to be the first to be kissed by the sun

Easter falls in April and also in view of its imminent arrival we start to organize, in order to find the perfect place where to spend the Easter weekend.

Riccione for years has been a very popular destination to spend the Easter weekend and also this year is getting ready to offer tourists and local people all that a tourist resort has to offer.

In fact the hotels of Riccione are already working out many offers specifically designed for Easter, the beaches are making the first preparations to be ready for the Easter weekend, the stores in Viale Ceccarini ( an avenue of Riccione famous worldwide for shopping ) will be soon adorned with decorations on the "Easter" theme and many events will be  organized for a Easter holiday in the name of shows and folklore .

Easter every year represents the beginning of the tourist season in Riccione and many will be the events on the beach among which we can mention the Beach Line Festival ( international beach volleyball tournament ), which for years has shown  many players of Beach Volleyball  or the famous frisbee tournament ( " Paganello " ) in the nearby Rimini.

You should absolutely spend the next Easter weekend in Riccione; sun, sea, events, hotel offers and much more will cheer up and make unique your Easter weekend.